Claudia Muñoz was born in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1997. At age 6 Claudia’s father began to coach his daughter as he noticed certain chess apptitudes. A decade later Claudia has consistently ranked in the TOP 10 of the United States Chess Federation Girls List in her category. She is the only American born Hispanic woman to achieve this consistently since 2009. Although Claudia has dual citizenship (Mexican), she has always chosen to represent the United States. Claudia is a native Texan.

Claudia represented the United States at age 9 winning the North American Youth Championship in Aguascalientes, Mexico as well as WCM FIDE Title

 In 2007, Claudia registered to play in the North American Youth Championship in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The USCF named her the official player for the simple fact that no other American girl registered in her category. Claudia went undefeated and won the gold medal for the United States, she also earned the right to represent the United States in the Pan American Youth 2008 in Argentina.


Most importantly, she earned her FIDE title as WOMAN CANDIDATE MASTER; she was 9-years old.

At age 10, Claudia won the 2008 SUSAN POLGAR NATIONAL OPEN in Texas - Undefeated

In 2008, after winning the North American Youth Championship three months later, Claudia participated in the SUSAN POLGAR NATIONAL OPEN 2008, in Brownsville, Texas.

Once again Claudia went undefeated

At age 10, Claudia Represented the United States in the 2008 Pan American Youth in Argentina


TEAM USA won the 3rd overall trophy, however this was the first time she played international chess outside the United States and Mexico. She won two games, drew four games and lost three.

At age 12, Claudia increased her USCF rating 300 points in 100 days and Qualified to the 2010 World Youth Chess Championship in Greece


In January 1, 2010, Claudia’s rating was only 1491, 60 days later she tied for 2nd place in the Texas Scholastic Championship with 6.0/7 in a field of 103 players. By March, her rating had increased 300 points and by May she had jumped from 38th in the national rankings to 10th place in her category. In July 2010, Claudia defeated her first National Master, Austen Greene 2218 in a USCF Rated event at the Dallas Chess Club.  On August 23, 2010 the Munoz family received an email from FM Aviv Friedman informing Claudia that she had been added to the U.S. Team that would participate in the World Youth Championship in Greece. For Claudia this was a dream come.

At age 13 and 14, Claudia represented the United States in the Pan American Youth in Colombia 2011 and Peru 2012.


At age 15, Claudia wins the 2013 “ALL GIRLS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP” hosted by the Kasparov Foundation in Chicago, Illinois.


Claudia won the 2013 All Girls National Championship undefeated with a 6-0 performance. What made this win sweeter was former World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov handing her the 1st place trophy. Having won this tournament she automatically qualified for the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship in the United Arab Emirates later in December.

At age 15, Claudia ranked #8 in the U-16 Girls USCF Top 100 Category. That summer she joined CHESSKID.COM as an Ambassador.


Besides contributing articles on a monthly basis, she interacted by playing with children inside the 150,000 member family of (a subsidiary of

 At age 16, Claudia played in the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship in the United Arab Emirates.


Claudia had never traveled beyond Europe and qualifying to the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship provided her the opportunity to visit a Persian Gulf nation. Claudia increased her international experience in this important event as she would reap the benefits in the following months.

At age 16, Claudia was invited by the State of Coahuila in Mexico to represent them in their internal Mexican National Junior Olympics although she was born in Texas Claudia has dual citizenship.


Claudia accepted to represent the Mexican state of Coahuila in the Mexican National Junior Olympics as long as the Mexican Chess Federation understood she would NOT play for Mexico in international tournaments if she won the Gold Medal. She made it clear that she would always represent the United States regardless of her dual citizenship. The Mexican Chess Federation explained to her that as a Mexican she was also welcomed in their internal national events without affecting her FIDE status. Claudia won the Mexican U-18 Girls National Championship for Coahuila State. She went undefeated 5.5 of 6. She also came in 3rd place in blitz.

At age 16, Claudia’s website  crossed the 2,000,000 million hit mark making her the most recognizable chess teen on the planet due to her social media presence.


At age 16, Claudia was invited to the first ever 2014 United States Girls Junior Closed Chess Championship. She won the event becoming champion as well as winning a 10,000 dollar to the University of New Hampshire


For the first time in her life, Claudia publically shared through her twitter account that she wanted to become a role model for Hispanics.

“I'm blessed that I won the U.S. Girls Junior Chess Championship. As a #Hispanic I'm looking to inspire other #Latinos “    

Claudia Munoz (@chesscampeona) July 21, 2014

What Motivates Claudia?

There are three things that motivate Claudia:

  1. Her spiritual relationship with God realizing she can do all things through the grace and love of Jesus Christ.
  2. The unity and tight bond with her family.
  3. The realization that as a Hispanic she has the golden opportunity to positively impacting Latinos of all ages in the United States by becoming a successful role model.